The Calculator - Questions and Answers

Is the Calculator difficult to use? Does it slow me down when I am placing trades?

Will using the Calculator keep me from taking losses in my trading? It uses the term "Loss-Recovery Strategy".

Does the Calculator actually place trades for me on my MT4 broker?

Does the Calculator work with any kind of trading strategy? Is it specific to one teaching?

Does the Calculator teach me how to trade a cost-average or stop-and-reverse strategy?

Does the Calculator factor in margin and leverage?

Since leverage isn't a option in the calculator... is there any further calculation needed to accurately assess my risk based on how much leverage I will be using per trade?

Can the Calculator help me place trades that have separate take profits?

Does the Calculator use the equity based on the most current trade?

Are commission costs factored in to my trade plans on the Calculator?

Is it possible to use fractional lot sizes?

Does the Calculator adjust for widening spreads during volatile conditions?

Do you bring live price feeds into the Calculator for exotic currency pairs or gold and silver too?

I have one broker I use with AUD funds and another with USD funds. How will the Calculator handle that?

I have a broker that gives me better spreads than the DDE info they publish shows. Will this throw off the Calculator?

The Trade Log - Questions and Answers

Is the Trade Log just a fancy Excel spreadsheet?

Is the Trade Log the same as a trade journal?

Are trades entered manually into the Trade Log?

Can the Trade Log record multiple screenshots and then print them as PDFs?

Does the Trade Log take screenshots for me?

Can the Trade Log store video movies too?

Can the Trade Log record several different trading accounts then consolidate the results?

How many different currency pairs does the Trade Log handle?

Will the Trade Log record trades taken from an EA?

Can commission costs be factored in?

Is it possible to use fractional lot sizes?

Does the Trade Log show floating profit and loss?

I've been keeping my trade journal in an excel spreadsheet. Can I import that into the Trade Log?

Does the Trade Log keep track of change of equity with every broker and the sum of all of them? I have many I use at once.

How does the software help me with managing trades with three brokers, demo and live (6 accounts total)?

Can the Trade Log bring in trades automatically in real time?

How does the Trade Log compare with an online service like My Forex Dashboard?

The Forex Tester - Questions and Answers

Is this the same program sold on the Forex Tester website?

What's new in version 3 - Forex Tester 3 ?

Do MT4 indicators or EAs work on the Forex Tester?

Can I use the Forex Tester on more than one computer?

What standard indicators come with the program?

Can I see multiple time frames simultaneously on the Tester?

Can I see multiple currencies simultaneously on the Tester?

Are The Forex Smart Tools compatible with the new Forex Tester Version 3?

Do I need to subscribe to the premium data plan too?

If I get a new computer can I move my license for the Tester to it?

How does the Forex Tester compare to the MT4 Strategy Tester?

Your Trade Smarter page talks about a Back Tester. Is this the same program you offer for free?

Will the Tester throw my timing off?

Which currency pairs are available to test?

I tried the demo version, but I can't see enough candles in the past to analyze.

How can you really base future price action on past history?

Can I store multiple profiles on the Tester like MT4 lets me do?

How can I find a different indicator I want to use that I don't see already listed?

I have a custom indicator for MT4. Will it work on the Tester?

Are Renko or Range Bars available on the Tester?

Does the moving average indicator allow for shifting?

Do I need to synchronize my Tester charts to my live platform?

I tried the free trial and the prices seem to be off compared to my live broker

Can the Tester run on a Mac?

Can the Tester run on a VPS?

Is this an immediate download I can use right away? Or is this a boxed program which is delivered to one's door?

In a webinar you gave, you mention having hours of training videos. Is that for the tester?

Do Dean Malone's Synergy indicators come with the program?

Do Craig Harris' indicators come with the program?

System Requirements – Questions and Answers

What are the system requirements?

Is this software Mac-compatible?

Do the Calculator and Trade Log use much processor power or take up much size on my computer?

Do I need to use a Metatrader MT4 broker with your programs?

Does the software work with MT5?

When you say that the software is locked to a computer, what do you mean?

I run my Windows on a VPN - will the Calculator and Trade Log work on a Virtual Private Network?

Can the programs run on a 64 bit machine?

Do both applications work with my broker – Oanda (or other brokers who use units instead of lots)?

How do I set up the Calculator and Trade Log on two computers?

I live in China. Can I still use the Tools there?

Is there a way to back up information? Files can get corrupted or fail...

Our Company & Policies - Questions and Answers

Is there a free trial period?

If I get a new computer can I move my license for the Forex Smart Tools to it?

Is there a money-back guarantee?

What about updates - will I have to pay for them if there are any?

I run a trading firm and need a third license. What is the cost?

Other Questions and Answers

I get lost trying to follow webinars - I'm worried I won't be able to learn these programs, but I know I really need them.

Is it possible to use the Smart Tools with Futures or with the indices (DOW, S&P, FTSE)?

Do you (the developers of the Forex Smart Tools) trade the Forex live?

I discovered when most of my losses occurred...

"WOW - I'm speechless. You are truly giving the opportunity to average guys like me to have a clear road map to master trading without ANY HYPE – just clear, concise, and practical ways to trade like a professional. Thank you."
~ Kristain K